Your Body Is a Work of Art


Yesterday during a grueling workout with my personal fitness coach, Mark of, he said something very interesting that caught my attention. He said, “The body is a work of art”. So is taking care of your body and to do that you need to create a healthy, exercise driven, spiritually balanced life.

That got me to thinking about our bodies and how much time we all spend critiquing our bodies, good and bad. Ultimately, we can’t really change our faces, (although I guess with the advent of botox there is some room for creativity), but we can alter the shape and tone of our bodies through consistent and diverse workouts.

Like creating a great work of art, our bodies need conditioning, commitment and diligence to achieve the best body of art, (pun intended), that we can. Like our creative processes it is the daily grind when no one is looking where the small victories lie. We persevere and are persistent in creating our craft and our bodies are no exception.

So thanks to Mark for reminding me and inspiring me to look at my body as a work of art, in motion and frankly, in transition.  When Mark is training me he is creating my routines and I am working in harmony with him to create my best body for health, aesthetics, and longevity. In the world of creativity, this too is art.

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