There are so many days that I have to drag myself off to the gym to workout with Mark, my super trainer from Before I get there I think of all the ways I could or should beg off working out that day. You know the standard excuses, I’m tired, I didn’t sleep, is this even working, I hate crunches, I wrote yesterday, I deserve a break, right?

Still more times than not I push myself to go workout and remind myself that I am doing a little each day, baby steps even, it’s just important that I DO IT! Though I love applause, and who doesn’t, discipline is about doing the work even when there is no one around to applaud or to see your blood, sweat and tears.

I often feel the same way about writing, photography, blogging or any other creative venture that I undertake, the same excuses rattle around in my head trying to deter me from pushing myself a bit more. It requires the same discipline to sit down and write, read, study, take photographs, upload photos, etc. to keep my creative muscles tuned and primed as it does for my to keep my body toned and strong. Nothing replaces the work.

I have to remind myself that it is the way I feel after I have embarked on my exercises both physical and creative that keeps me coming back for more, digging deeper and challenging myself a little bit more everyday. I derive a sense of accomplishment, confidence and pride in myself that I didn’t take the easy way out and I pushed myself to do what is absolutely the best thing for me.

It simply requires that I show up and put in the time and work. It doesn’t hurt when your trainer says, “look at the muscles in your legs, they are sick.”

Ok, a smattering of applause and praise for a job well done doesn’t hurt either.