I love the sounds, sights and smells of the ocean, well most of the time anyway. I love watching the fisherman scalloping, clamming, or fishing they harkens back to a time when lives revolved around the plentiful if not exceedingly difficult treasures that the ocean offers, if you dare. Fishing as a way of life is not for the feint of heart.

 The same can be said of the artist who seeks to find their own way, their own creative spirit. Like fishing, being hearty and brave expressing their creativity and sharing pieces of their heart and soul for others to see and potentially judge, is also not for the feint of heart.

 Whenever an artist creates anything, they are exposed and vulnerable, a piece of them is “out there,” and now people will see the real you; raw, unfiltered and authentic. To expose their creative spirit to others is the height of bravery for in the process of allowing the art out, you inevitably invite others in

For the creative spirit to flourish, like the sea, there must be all kinds of bounty and delights for every creature, everyone must have something to offer and something to glean. There should always be a hint of daring or wariness that allows us to push ourselves and our commitment to creativity just the tiniest bit farther than we expected.

 Like the fish, clams and scallops below the ocean’s shimmering surface we must dig deeper still to live another day and to create the kind of art, the kind of life we choose to live. Our creative sprit ebbs and flows like the ocean tides and like the fisherman we venture out on the murky sea to rediscover ourselves, to reveal our weaknesses, test our strengths, and emerge victorious in our creative quests once again.