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Today I would like to promenade an artist of a different sort. Thus far I have introduced artists who take lovely photographs that dazzle and inspire. Now I want to expand our view to include a creative innovator in her own right, my friend Dominiquie, of Administratevly Speaking, The Small Business Resource, (

Her vision for her creativity shows up in her passionate quest to organize, streamline, modify and recommend to her small business clients the path of organization for getting their business’s in tip-top shape. Not everyone loves following a paper trail, online marketing tracking, inventory or other tasks associated with the growing of their business and Dominiquie is there to catch the projects that would otherwise fall through the cracks, thus allowing the business owner to get about the business of creating and expanding their business.

My friend Dominiquie started her own small business in 2002 to serve the small business community, tackling administrative projects, big and small, content management, graphic design and much more “back office tasks” necessary for the continued success of her clients. Her creativity allows her to focus exclusively on the flow and organization of a small business and she offers candid and concise recommendations for the continued growth of her client’s projected business success..

While flexing her creativity with organization Dominiquie also through her business,, conceived, created, and implemented a seminar series for women in the Boston area, called The Boston Ladies Bruncheons. Her weekly series located in a lovely hotel overlooking the Charles River, focused on issues for women ranging from health, work/life balance, nutrition, exercise, and spiritual wellbeing and provided a format for women of all backgrounds to share their challenges, dreams, creativity, passion and successes in this modern age. This year she will be continuing to create seminars that will ask questions, help conquer challenges, and further push the boundaries for women and provide them with a safe arena where they can support and encourage one another.

To view another creative spirit and an organizational genius, visit and see how creativity encompasses all of our passions and dreams. It is not just “artists” who create, each of us have a creative contribution to make to society and when we follow our passion we succeed. Dominiquie proves that creativity is necessary in the art of business as well as in our traditional version of artistry.

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    1. As you know, blessing are everywhere if we take the time to look. I’m just happy I really have taken the time and stillness to notice. Good things are yet to come. Keep creating your fantastic jewelry!!!


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