friendships that echo…

The past two years I have spent getting to know friends from the old days, ( I didn’t want to say old friends), and I have found that each friend has changed in so many unexpected ways and yet there is an echo or a bedrock of their personality that I knew way back when, that has remained unchanged.

In some ways it’s like meeting someone you know well and yet, a stranger at the same time, and if each of you has grown, then it’s like finding a misplaced jewel in the back of your jewelry box, a real treasure. I know the value of history and friendship in a way I had not known when I was younger and I am grateful, happier, and a better person because of the friends that I have had along the way and more fortunate than I can express that I know them as great friends again today.

The best part about getting to reconnect with friends from the past is that I found the kernel of me, the echo of me, in my friends, and it reminded me of who I was in sixth grade and who I wanted to be when I grew up. My dear friends help to remind me of when we had nothing better to do but play kickball, four square, ride our bikes and make plans, and dream. We would talk about the people who inspired us and who we would fashion our lives after, ahh our imagination was endless, our creativity at work in everything we did.

To my delight, my dear friends have become most of what they dreamed of when we were making plans for being grown ups, and some dreams have fallen by the wayside, as sometimes happens too. The part of the dream we had about growing old together, we get to do that as planned and we get to live out our dreams with the friends who would always challenge us by saying, “I dare you!”.

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