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Welcome summer, it’s time to take a moment and reboot, a time to take stock before the summer officially arrives and demands scatter us here and there.

The one thing I have learned about cultivating creativity and inspiration, you cannot summon it like ordering fries, you have to take the time to coax it out of your mind’s eye, allow it to stew, marinate, and collate until you can embark on your artistic journey with intention, delight, and focus again.

 Sometimes I forget that I need to replenish my spirit in order to have an abundance of goodwill and curiosity regarding the people, places and things in my midst. Stillness is required, silence optional, aloneness essential, in a sense, I am  the stage for creativity and innovation to enter.

 There is no place for the harried and weary in the land of artistic endeavors, or for evolutionary visionaries like us. It is a known truth that it is imperative to take time for yourself, be alone and let inspiration lead you down a merry lane with no destination in mind, in order to open the channels of creativity and invention. I know, what’s the objective? A logical question, however logic and practical are not allowed on this journey, the result is not the objective!

For me frivolity, whimsy and daydreaming are the balm for my artistically overwhelmed inner artist. It is necessary for me to take a few steps back, break a few rules, and nurture my creative spirit. I need time to be alone, a hard commodity to acquire, I know, but when I do, I intend to relish the time, soak up inspiration, and fill my cup so when it runneth over with creativity and expression once again, I am ready, willing and able to share.

 So welcome summer take a seat, sit awhile, help me savor the moment and allow me to replenish my cup. Taking time for my soul is a prerequisite, number one on the artist’s agenda. That and lazily daydreaming on the grass, sitting on a beach, listening to the waves, feeling a much-needed breeze in the summer heat, and eating good food cooking on the grill, while music plays in the background with loved ones all around, destination…sublime.

Happy Summer Everyone..