Court of Dreams….

 Vineyard Streetball Classic       

Well the 10th Anniversary of Vineyard Streetball Classic went off without a hitch, thanks to the hard work, commitment, and dedication of Mike Daniel, Omar Daniel, Marc Rivers and a host of other volunteers, sponsors, supporters, and spectators. The basketball courts were swept of debris, the drills completed, teams were posted, and finally the students lined up to compete in the Vineyard Streetball Classic on a hot July day. As the sun beat down on the competitors and with a burst of the whistle, the teams squared up, and the ball was tossed high in the air and the basketball challenge had begun, to the delight of spectators, and organizers, alike.


It was a chance for the youngsters to define and refine their skills, perfect the fundamentals of the game, and finally, to display their basketball prowess on the court. For the spectators, it was a chance to watch creativity and artistry in motion as each student played with originality, reverence and zest. Mike never missed an opportunity to inspire the students visually, audibly, demonstratively and with gusto. With barely concealed delight, Mike relished sharing his passion for basketball and competition all the while earnestly passing the torch from one generation to the next, as Mike was the beneficiary of that same torch many years ago, on the exact same basketball court.

This is what Vineyard Streetball Classic is all about; passion, creativity, dedication, hard work, diligence, practice, discipline, endurance, effort and joy. The athletes played with intensity, originality and tenacity delighting everyone who participated, competed and watched the 10th Anniversary of the Vineyard Streetball Classic. Everyone competed valiantly and contestants played with respect, and jubilation and all emerged triumphant and victorious.



 Marc refs the game…

For Mike, conceiving and creating the Vineyard Streetball Classic transcends the game of basketball; it is a metaphor for what he believes and how he has lived his life, yesterday and today. There is nothing phony or inauthentic about Mike, what you see is what you get, and for him, it’s all about basketball, it’s in his DNA.

Mike’s ingenutity, and his life choices, reflect his core values and beliefs. It is his innovation, imagination and passion that motivate and inspire him and in doing so, he has inspired a new generation of future basketball stars to reach for their own dreams while making an impact in their own communities and beyond, just like Mike.

Mike brings the ball down..

So while this year, the Vineyard Streetball Classic is over, the lessons on and off the court will reverberate for years to come for the athletes, the spectators, the organizers, and me. It is easy to measure success by material things and so much harder to recognize and measure success by the intangible things that make each and every one of us gifted, creative and unique. Like everyone else, I may forget that from time to time, but I think I’ve finally gotten it, this time, thanks Mike.

This year I looked around for creativity and proof of divinity and serendipity in my life and I am so lucky that I found a living example of it in the soul of my long time friend, Mike D. (no S).

 Mike and Marc consult, just like back in the day…..

PS. sometimes you’re living the dream and sometimes the dream shows up in your real life.  Build your dream and your dream will build you a life…

Welcome Dr. Julius Irving to Vineyard Streetball Classic.

Dr. J, welcome…

pss. all photos of Vineyard Streetball Classic have been taken by the fabulous Tim Johnson, hop on over to his website to view fantastic photographs.

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