elusive creativity…

I find myself sitting down at my computer impatiently and hurriedly, willing my creative energy to show up so I can get this post done, and did I mention, I only have forty minutes. Yes, that’s right, I have forty minutes to dazzle and entertain everyone with my artistic flair, before I’m off to my next time consuming task. Glancing impatiently at the clock, I realize my time has dwindled to thirty minutes, and creativity refuses to answer my call.

I really don’t know why creativity has chosen this moment to elude me, I already said that I only had forty minutes, (oops,twenty minutes) to conceive, expand and develop my art. So what’s the hold up, I’m ready so let’s begin….what was I thinking about again? Right, creativity, haste, daydreams….oh no, now I’m down to fifteen minutes. hardly time for even semi-brillance and suddenly I have a sinking feeling that get this task done in that time, is all but impossible.

Where is my imagination, my artistic sensibility, my panache, my verve, my elusive creative dance partner? Why have you abandoned me? I don’t have time for delays I am being pulled in one hundred different directions and I’ve just got to have some creative flow left in me somewhere, just enough for one post? Silence…

Then it dawns on me, a small voice in my head asks heatedly and insistently, “What have you done for me lately? How do you expect me to flourish creatively if you can’t even bother to take the time to observe and give thanks for beauty, and nature in your very midst? Let alone express your delight, joy, appreciation and artistry with others? I’m afraid I’m going to need more than just thirty minutes of your attention in order to co-create art that will elate and inspire anyone.

Humbled my shoulders slump ever so briefly, I get it.  I haven’t taken the time to nurture my own creative voice.

In my haste to complete my assigned tasks on my daily to do list, I have walked by all the magic and inspirational creations in and around my path, hurriedly and with little reverence or gratitude. So it is no wonder that my spiritual, inspirational, artistic self had been pushed aside and neglected one to many times and now it refuses to come out and play, not for five minutes or forty, so there.

The wonderful news is that the remedy for this malady is to get out into nature, walk around town, watch the sun set over the lagoon, swim in the ocean, dance to an old classic, and laugh, laugh, laugh alone and with friends and family. I forgot that I need to remember to replenish my cup first for me and then for everyone else. I am setting sail and I’m off to discover what will make my cup runneth over again with imagination, creativity, joy and purpose.

Floating away and into the sunset I’m bravely setting my course to find adventure, good fortune, gratitude, solitude, and magic. I will report all of this to you happily and hopefully with the return of my old,  long-lost but not forgotten elusive creativity.

Welcome back old friend.

I begin with silence and contemplation, and end with happiness and creativity aplenty.

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