whispers of inspiration….



    As I continue down my path of creativity, searching for art and artists of all different types, I am continuously surprised to discover that my awakening to life has given me a greater appreciation of the artistry that surrounds me everyday. In the past, I admit to often being too busy to stop and look at a leaf that had fallen from a tree or a solid block of ice, that when kicked down the block by my son, decreases in size with each kick. I was not really paying attention to my life, having my sons however, well that brought my life into sharp and vivid focus. I was forced to relinquish my incessant, to-do list inner voice, and listen to the whispers of my inner spirit, and observe the artistry already in my midst.

      A few years ago, while flipping through a magazine, I saw a picture of a woman looking intently out of a lovely bay window, searching, waiting and it moved me somehow, I didn’t know why. I felt kinda silly, but I ripped it out of the magazine and taped it to my bookshelf near my desk where I try to write each day, (notice the use of the word try), and would glance at it from time to time, wondering about her vigil, who was she waiting for? Each time I looked at it I felt the same sense of familiarity that I had when I first saw it. I felt like I knew this place, maybe even recognized something in this woman, a camaraderie at least, it was strange, and soon I promptly forgot about it.

   Two months ago a friend gave me a card that she picked out just for me. On the front was a picture of a woman looking out of the window and the caption read, Cape Cod Morning by Edward Hopper. My friend smiled and said, “I don’t know why but I saw this in a card shop and I immediately thought of you.” It was the same picture that I had hung, sheepishly, near my desk and suddenly I knew why this picture had meaning to me, Cape Cod and particularly Martha’s Vineyard, are home to me. I often feel this same longing to return to the Cape/Island to rejuvenate my soul, walk aimlessly on the beach and hang out with my friends, I’ve felt this yearning.

   Art is amazing, you feel a twinge of something in your gut when you see art that speaks to your soul, only you can’t always explain it, or define it, but you feel it, you know it. Needless to say, I learned all about the artist Edward Hopper, how could I ignore the cosmic nudge? I love everything about his paintings, the contrasts, the bright colors, the deep shadows, the forlorn and frozen expressions of the people staring off into the distance, leaning ever so slightly towards..something.

It may have been serendipity that brought this wonderful painting to my attention in the first place, but Edward Hopper’s art reminds me that inspiration is always knocking on my door, urging and cajoling me to dream and play. The next time I get a whisper from my soul, I will throw open the door and usher inspiration in right away.

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