Best ever..

This was a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season with all of my friends and family, thank you.

This truly was the happiest one of all and it’s because of my beloved sons, Noah and Jordan, who were unbelievably grateful this year. I had bought them both a tablet, (inexpensive , they drop things.. a lot), a few weeks ago and my intention was to load games and apps that they both enjoy, on each tablet, before Christmas Day. I hate being bombarded with questions on Christmas morning about how a toy/gift works when I have no idea and they are staring at me with unconcealed impatience, with a dash of disdain, and I can barely get the plastic wrap off  the package with losing a digit.

No friends, this year I taught myself how to use the tablets, load the games and apps, and connect the wi-fi, all before their big debut. I bought two different covers and my plan was to surprise them on Christmas morning with the Gift to end all Gifts, only it didn’t turn out quite that way. Instead my sons actually played with the games and other toys that they had gotten and so my husband and I waited to give them the tablets until there was a lull in their activities, it didn’t come. I was way more excited than I should have been, but I wanted to give them the tablets! No dice.

Fast forward to evening, After, dinner, with family and still, no lull, my kids were happy and content, playing with their cousins and declaring, “This is the best Christmas EVER!” Ah what, I hadn’t even given them the Best Present of all and I had been waiting so patiently…ugh. After three weeks of planning, loading, and plotting, I was literally ready to burst. I had waited so long that if I waited until the next day, I would be setting us for a whole new tradition, fantastic gifts, the day After Christmas, and that is just too high a bar for Santa to jump every year. No it had to be done now, ready or not.

Finally I called the boys into the living room to announce there was one more gift for each of them. Well, I can gladly tell you that the tablets went over like a shooting star! The boys were over the moon, shouting, “Now This Is The Best Christmas EVER, EVER!” I was so happy to see them so surprised and so delighted, it made me grateful for the joy and love they bring into my life every day. My oldest son said grinning, “why did you wait until tonight to give us the tablets?” I laughed and said, “we’ve been trying to give them to you guys all day but you’ve been so happy with all your other toys we couldn’t find a time to give them to you!”

I can’t say how happy I was to watch my sons experience Christmas with their family, to be grateful for the gifts that they received, and that they know, beyond all doubt, that they are loved. I watched the lights twinkling and listened to the laughter of my family and I was overwhelmed with a complete sense of gratitude.

I had created this lovely family portrait from my desires, wishes and prayers and I was being blessed with the awareness that it is all worth it, every step of the way. I hope you all are enjoying the family portraits that you are creating and that you know that loving and being loved is, without a doubt, the Best Gift Ever!

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