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2013 dawned with rich jewel toned, salmon and amber colors of gold splashed haphazardly against the dark and stormy morning sky. In the distance the soulful longing of the train’s whistle in the distance heralds in the New Year filled with beauty and promise, beckoning each of us to make this year, Our Year.

    The winds bristled, blustered, and blew away the last vestiges of 2012, ushering in the unyielding, unwavering march of time, crackling with promise.

On this new day of 2013, what will the winds of change have in store for us? Is it fate or chance, or do we all float about like feathers dancing lightly on the breeze?

Here’s hoping that 2013 roars through our lives, blazing a trail filled with love, passion, art, beauty, good health, friends, family, laughter and the fulfillment of all of our dreams!

In this year of 2013, may all of our dreams be grander than we could ever have imagined!