creative blocks..

I don’t know about all of you but when I am having a creative block it’s usually because my mind is spinning in so many directions that trying to grab hold of just one thought is like trying to grab a tiger by the tail. It appears that my mind is refusing to cooperate and the more I push myself to Create “the” great photograph or write an interesting and somewhat coherent post,my thoughts skitter further away, taunting me to catch them, just out of my reach.

I, like the rest of you, live in a busy and hectic time and sometimes running from one activity, (on my never-ending to-do list), to another doesn’t satisfy my creative spirit and so when I ask it to come out and play, it refuses. It would seem that creativity requires something from me in exchange for the collaborative spirit I rely on to pursue my art. It would seem, putting it twenty-five on the list of things that must be done today, crushes the inner artist who needs time, space, peace, and imagination to cultivate the work.

Art doesn’t show up when a switch is turned on, it’s deeper than that somehow. In order to access our talents, in order to share our gifts, we must first take the time to sit and appreciate our connection to that space within us that compels us to create. What looks like daydreaming and doing absolutely nothing, (which has become a lost art in an of itself), is in fact the very place that an idea or a solution to a problem will show up, where the seeds of an idea are born. Thinking too hard, rushing from one unaware moment to the next,  is a sure way to push your creative spirit right out of the artistic picture.

Every book I have read on creativity in the past three years, declares with great vigor, that in order to make art, to be an artist, first you must do that thing you love every day with all the passion, connectivity and creativity that you bring to your soul and ultimately to your art. Every day doesn’t create a masterpiece, it creates a body of work, a foundation you can stand on that affirms your dedication to being an artist.

In order to break through the creative blocks, very simply, you must do the work and the inspiration will follow. The muse will return and soon you and your artist’s co-pilot has returned and you’re in sync again and the magic and mystery of creativity settles down next to you and whispers, “try this.”

DSCF3591 - Copy

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