School is out for summer, finally!!

The end of the year has come and gone with a flurry of gift giving, end of the year parties, and nostalgia for the past year. The year, from the rear view mirror, turned out to be even better than everyone expected, amazing how that happens.

Another year has flown by and I wish someone could explain how time can move excruciatingly slow, sometimes, but in hindsight  whizz by in a blink of an eye?

How it seems we can’t do even one more thing but when we look back we can see how many things we did accomplish in one year. If you’re like me, you probably did way more than you can even remember.

So now it’s time to enjoy the sun, summer and fun! Maybe sit at a beach, lake, or your own kiddie pool…and breathe.

More changes on the horizon so stay tuned.

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