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In addition to the end of the year chaos and signing up for summer camps, (for the kids not me), I finally took advice from my dear friend Beth, to begin printing and selling my card photographs in her store, Simply Soaps and online through my own website.

I originally went with the name Still Life Photos but I soon discovered there were many businesses with that title and so I decided to pick a new name with more meaning to me and less confusion. I enlisted the help of my eleven year old son, Noah, who was convinced he could come up with a better name. He has also begun lobbying for the right to become a full partner, stay tuned.

For three days he searched the Thesaurus and online, and finally he announced proudly, that the new name for my photo card business would be, “Art Strong Photographs!” He was so excited and I thought the name was a fantastic choice and so Art Strong Photography is born and the website will debut July 10, 2013. 

So please take a look at Artists Promenade, enjoy the photos, and please visit Art Strong Photographs on July 10, 2013 and order the photo cards that make you smile. If you would like to order a photograph before the website debut on July 10, 2013, I can be reached at ncgraham@artstrongphotography.com or you can leave a message on this site as well.

Thanks to everyone, family and friends, who encouraged, pushed, cajoled and dared me to step out on faith, one more time, in order to fulfill my dreams. I am learning to say, “Yes” to opportunities and new experiences as they arise and the rewards, personally and professionally, have been enormous.

To the blogging community, your creativity and bravery knows no bounds. I have found my courage and creativity, along with all of you, so thank you.