cultivating creativity…

As I sit here writing there is a running to do list insidiously slithering through my mind, indeed it seems to hum constantly. I try to make a conscious decision to block out all other distractions while I focus on the three plates I am juggling always, even more if my boys are home. I’m sure I am not alone in this predicament, everyone I know seems to be moving faster than they wish to be.

I started thinking about why I started writing and sharing my photographs in the first place and though I love the process it’s the time-consuming organizing and categorizing of the photos and the writing that takes time and can sometimes tax my creativity for doing the things I love; writing and taking photographs. Sometimes that can be overwhelming and throws my artistic sensibilities into a tailspin.

I don’t know how this works for other people who are trying to live their lives pursuing their passions, but for me, I feel a need to recharge and get back to noticing the small things I have overlooked in my haste to “get the work done.” It’s not like having writer’s block but I suspect that it can lead to blocking the creativity necessary for me to see the beauty around me and be inspired to take a photograph to share later. Only sometimes that ugly thought comes creeping back in, reminding me that I will have to organize and process all those photos too, it can be daunting.

I guess it’s a reminder to me that just because I am getting to do what I love in life, I’m not always going to love the demanding work that clutters up my brain and blocks my creativity. For the most part, it’s an even exchange but there are times when I look at my computer and think of tossing it across the room. Then my senses return and I am back at my computer, organizing, cataloguing, and processing all of my photos and writing and I think of how blessed I am.


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