Done with Snow…

If you are anything like me this winter, YOU ARE DONE WITH SNOW.

In four days I traveled over 100 miles and ran into 4 different, but equally,  hair-raising snowstorms, (6″ and more per storm). The east coast has been blanketed with mounds and mounds of snow as far as the eye can see….crisp, iced covered, snow and dagger like ice cycles  abound. It is difficult to find color in the vast drifts of snow, though I did try.

So far this winter we have shoveled tons of snow, built snow forts, gone ice-skating, sledding, and we dug out of the snow, went skiing, snowboarding, played cards, Clue, Monopoly, (which it is worth noting takes a minimum of 3 hours to play to the end), baked, went out to dig out of the still falling snow, cooked, ate, watched all current and not so current movies, and we dug out of a new snowstorm with a mix of ice and wind, played balloon in a basket, watched the snow fall from inside, braved the elements to go out and dig out of 8″ of “bonus” snow, cleaned off cars, put down melt to combat the constant presence of the ice, drank hot chocolate, wine, (grown ups only), read, and we are still continuing to shovel our way out of the ever-present, unrelenting, omnipresent snow.

My kids have had more snow days than school days, (an exaggeration), and we have spent loads of time together. I did, however, get a chance to take some photos of this record-breaking, back-breaking, snow-laden, never-ending winter.

I hope everyone is enjoying the winter and is keeping the snow bound blues at bay.

Menemsha Frost

Menemsha Frost

Snow Abounds
Snow Abounds

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