Cabin Fever

Usually I write when things are crazy. It’s how I cope but with the endless snow and the kids being home more than in school for the month of February, I’m exhausted. As if the snow days weren’t enough, we are coming to the end of February vacation and though I love my sons and would rather spend time with them more than anyone else on the planet, I can’t wait for them to go back to school. To get back to some sort of routine; theirs, and mine.

The snow is higher than my windows and I admit, I may be suffering from cabin fever. Oh sure, I’ve been out and about and working super hard but the white, whiteness of the snow is getting to me. Everywhere my eyes can see, there are mounds and mounds of snow too tall to throw snow on top anymore. Shards of ice dangle precariously from everyone’s house, and businesses, and the lakes and oceans are coated with huge chunks of floating, frozen, frigid white ice, far and wide.

I crave colors, green grass, the smell of fresh flowers, the warmth of the sun, and the water cascading over my head as I wade out to swim in the ocean. This is beginning to sound more like a plea for help or a message in a bottle from some foreign land. I’d laugh but I’m afraid it might sound a bit maniacal.

So hopefully, March will roar in like a lion and I know everyone here on the east coast will dance with fevered merriment and joy when the temperatures hit 50 and the only sounds we hear are the drip drop of snow melting, melting, melting. And our lives return to some semblance of order. I will end by sending the final snow photos for 2015 and hope that the next thing I write will be more optimistic and this winter will be something I talk about with nostalgia and not while gritting my teeth, my white teeth. I know, I’ve gone too far.

The freezing ocean
The freezing ocean
Dock frosting
Dock frosting




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4 Replies to “Cabin Fever”

  1. Now, a month later than the post was written, I hope you have been able to leave some of that cabin fever behind – and more importantly that spring is slowly approaching. Nevertheless those images of the deep winter are gorgeous. Winter is good for something…

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    1. Dear Otto, I agree the winter provided me with some beautiful photos. I enjoyed being home with my sons and playing games and hanging out with them. I am watching the mounds of snow slowly disappear with a small measure of nostalgia but am awaiting the first blooms of spring with joy. It was a tough winter but the memories linger even as my cabin fever disappears. Thanks for your kind words.

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  2. I laughed when you added the “white teeth,” to all the things white. My brother lives in MN and some multimillionaire that invented Doplar radar and is usually accurate when predicting the weather, has been watching the jet streams. He says in March, MN will think Mother Nature acted out of character, with a complete opposite of what we’ve been having, weather-wise. This is not a direct quote. Anyway, there will be such warmth and sunshine, we’ll all stand amazed. I’m not on the coast, but I do live in NE USA, and he says their weather is our weather a day or so later.

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