It feels like the world is spinning out of control. America is divided and at a cross roads and the pandemic rages on. Trying to find solace, a place to retreat from the angst and the storms, feels impossible. The vibration of discontent lurks in the shadows and at times it seems we are being devoured by strife and sorrow.

I refuse to give in to the pull of anger and vitriol. I am a fighter and my first instinct, always, is to battle the forces that are seeking to undermine me and indeed, our nation. Still, I’ve decided on a different course this time. Perhaps it’s getting older and hopefully wiser. Perhaps it is the people who came before me who understood violence only begets more violence. Even more importantly, perhaps it’s simply because using the gravitational pull of kindness, respect, and empathy will gain all of us so much more.

Looking to reset my own angst, doubt, and worry, I sought out the woods where my favorite trees thrive and reside. The sinewy paths that lead to new discoveries and the hidden treasures of the woods with pine needled coverings sprinkled across the path, is a luxury all its own. On this walk I found this amazing little camp where utilitarian design, beauty, and community collide. Cabins strewn about the forest, creating a circle, safety, and inviting everyone to enjoy a respite in this hectic and frantic world.

I was reminded of my days at summer camp where the slap of the screen doors to the mess hall and slap of bare feet on the docks, and the echoes of excited kids ready for the days adventures ahead. Running, splashing, crafting, hiking, fires, laughter, stories, and a reliance on each other to create a community where each person played their individual role. Each person responsible for themselves and for providing a community environment where success depended on everyone.

Here is a slideshow of my return to the woods, to silence, resilience, respect, and growth. I could hear myself think, and the wind whistling and the earth speak and for awhile I was able to push the rancor and antipathy away. I was happy to listen to the forest breathe and with each gust of wind I inhaled gratefully.

I thought I would share a piece of the peace that I found. Enjoy!

Retreating to Nature

4 Replies to “RETREAT..”

  1. Nikki, thank you for your lovely photos and for reminding us to seek the places that help center ourselves, regroup & restore our spirits & souls during these times. As always, you express, articulate, and write from the heart… stay well, look forward to actually being able to talk with you again.
    Love to you and your family.

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    1. Hi Pam, so good to hear from you. I hope you have managed to stay safe and well during our long exile. Thank you for your kind words and for reading. I look forward to sitting and having a chat over coffee again soon. Be well, Nikki


  2. Thank you, Nikki, for sharing this lovely and comforting piece of peace you found by taking yourself into the retreat in the woods. In the midst of this madness we are all experiencing, it helps to find your way into a calm and beautiful space in nature. I’ve been seeking that at the beach, with a gentle breeze clearing the air, while the sun sparkles the water, and guides your eye to the horizon, and uplifts your heart into the universe. Sending love and prayers to you now and always xoxoxoxos

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