Splendiferous Spring…

 Bit by wonderful bit, the spring has finally arrived and nature has begun to dazzle us with her vibrant and verdant colors.

   Mother Nature is compelling us to look up and out at the majesty and brilliance that surrounds and enchants us with each new perfect bud, blade of grass, or blossoming tree, stretching eagerly, hungrily towards the resplendent sun. 








Spring Delights…

Happy Easter to Everyone!


“Everyone is my teacher. Some I seek.

Some I subconsciously attract.

Often I learn simply by observing others.

Some may be completely unaware that I’m learning from them, yet I bow deeply in gratitude.” – Eric Allen

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Photo Selections…


I’ve been fortunate to have my photographs shown at a few different venues, (thanks to the Art Gods that be, and the mortals who support them), and it has gone better than I ever would have expected. I am happy and extremely grateful to dance through the doors of opportunity that have graciously opened for me.  

However, it involves the daunting task of intensely scrutinizing my photos in a lame attempt to see my pictures through the eyes of other people, as if I really could. Without a filter of rational judgement and some self-love, my inner critic is off and running faster than I can say, Namaste.   

I’m stymied by the process of deciding which of my pictures will appeal, artistically, to another person? I have taken photos that I knew that I would love even if no one else did but when I am trying to market them….I get a little queasy and a lot more uneasy. I can get lost in an endless loop searching for the perfect photo, (doesn’t exist), and wasting valuable time trying to get into the minds of other people. In the end, I just try to pick what I like, what moves me and I remind my inner critic, being a photographer, is a labor of love not a destination.

I chose this photo today, cause I wanted to. 🙂