around each corner…

  Sometimes when I am out running errands, (and usually when I am late), I stumble across a place so magical it looks like it belongs in a fairy tale or in one of the books from my childhood, and I am compelled to take a picture.

  This shot made me want to move into the barn and stare out over the verdant hills watching as it changed from one season to the next, while taking a thousand pictures of the sunrise and sunset over this grand and magnificent, little pond.

  Even though my to-do list beckoned, I sat a few minutes longer and marveled at this place called Earth and then I was off. Looking at this picture now I am reminded of the sense of peace I felt when I was there and the proof that if I slow down, I can be continually surprised by what’s around the corner.

A Pond with a View
A Pond with a View


colors return…

“When you affirm your own rightness in the universe, then you co-operate with other easily and automatically as part of your own nature.

You, being yourself, helps other be themselves. Because you recognize your own uniqueness you will not need to dominate others

nor cringe before them.”   Jane Roberts



Personal Shopper or Santa’s Elf?

I remember as a child thinking that a whole year, seemed like a lifetime of way too many tomorrows. Nowadays, the year seems to whizz by in a flash. Now my sons moan and groan that next week, next month or next year, will never get here fast enough. This year, I feel the exact opposite.

It seems like just yesterday I was running from one store to another searching for the perfect gift, at the last-minute, (don’t judge), and wrapping them in a marathon session while watching Scrooge, any drinking spiked eggnog. I am a procrastinator, and when it comes to Christmas, I don’t really get into a groove until the 25th or the 26th and by then everyone else is Christmas carolled out.

Maybe it’s the flailing panicked dash from store to store getting the “right” gifts, or the canned Christmas Muzak blasting through tin speakers with intermittent sale advertisements peppered with false cheer. Perhaps it’s the commercialism, the artful dance of dazed out consumer and ravenous proprietors that makes me oily and used. I’ve gotten to the point where I am just pushing through the holiday frenzy with barely time to enjoy the Holiday Spirit. Although I may indulge in a few spirits to get me through the throngs of  holiday shoppers who couldn’t be bothered to carve out their shopping time, parsing it out in drips and drabs over the past year, instead of rushing last-minute into the stores waving lists overhead, shouting and sweating in their  numerous Christmas layers. I know I already said I am one of these people, I thought it deserved another mention.

Although I haven’t reached “Humbug” status, the pressure is on to make this Christmas even better than last year. Frankly, I may be creating the problem myself; trying to top those spectacular “WoW” Christmas days when the boys were small and we got to play with the toys on Christmas day. Now it’s gift cards, video games, ipods, kindles, and worse yet, the dreaded, “just money,” requests. No more trucks, or puzzles or remote-controlled helicopters, (that we as parents had to play first, strictly for safety purposes),  But we were included and involved in the Reindeer games, tracking Santa, and making Santa cookies. Instead I have been reduced to becoming my children’s Personal Shopper. Is that why I am so grumpy? 

So, in an attempt to bring Holiday cheer to myself and everyone around me, even if it kills me, and should you also need Holiday cheer, I will post a photo designed to remind me that “Christmas Time is Here” and it’s not just about the gifts!!

And don’t forget, the end of  2013 is looming and the ushering of the 2014th year, is right around the corner. Then we will be bombarded with the 2013th end of the year highlight lists, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I remember when I thought 1999 seemed impossibly far off. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!!


Following the Light…

Nature decrees that we do not exceed the speed of light.  All other impossibilities are optional.  ~Robert BraultDSCF6159

It’s hard to follow the light when you haven’t even realized you are in the dark. So many self-help books begin when you finally wake up from the dazed and glazed space of “barely living and hardly present.” How to wake up if you don’t know you are asleep?

I think the hardest part is even recognizing that you are sleep-walking and not living your life to the fullest. Instead of looking for the road map to your dreams, you have shifted to autopilot to get through the day. You can hardly take the time to be grateful for your blessings when you have forgotten what they are and worse, how to find them? Each day passes like a blur, a photo just out of focus, but we seem helpless to change course, or are we?

It is said that we are spirits on earth having a human experience, so what does it take to make us wake up to the wonder and beauty that surrounds us everyday? Some people say it takes a calamity, or something tragic, to wake us up or maybe like me, it’s just this insistent, relentless nagging voice in my head that kept  telling me that there is more to life than “just getting through.”

I finally got tired of listening to that malevolent voice warning me that I might fail or that this new idea is scary, or hard, maybe I shouldn’t even try. Just to shut that voice up, I had to enter the Arena and be willing to fail, to make a mistake, and to listen to my intuition instead of the voices of others. While the negative voice in my head lives on, it has been reduced to a hoarse whisperer

of doubt. The loudest voice in my head says, “Yes, let’s give this a try and see what happens? So what if you fail!!” It’s funny but things have been a lot brighter since I started saying, Yes! It seems, Yes, is the antidote to forcing fear to recede back into the shadows for another day.

Can happiness really be just a matter of choice?