This Holiday Season!

Time has flown by at a breakneck pace. The fall seemed too short and our political cycle way too long, trying and divisive. I don’t know about anyone else, I’m exhausted. It’s been a tough few months and the media/pundits promise a future fraught with fear, turbulence and uncertainty. I simply refuse to accept that prophecy. I know that all of us seek a better future for ourselves and our families. We all are struggling to see our way through the maze, mirrors and misinformation that bombards us daily. Taunting us with dread, darkness, and defeat. The demise of our essential core values and the destruction of all we hold dear.

While I can not change the rhetoric and vitriol that has pitted one side of our great country against the other, I can make a solemn oath that I will do my part to uphold the values and beliefs that have helped to make this country a beacon to the rest of the world. I promise to seek out goodwill and show love, respect and peace for all in my own little corner of the world.

I am going to focus on the immense beauty that surrounds me. It’s part of the reason I take photographs, to commemorate and rejoice in the bounty and majesty of life. I pledge to be kind to friends, family, and strangers. To uplift myself and others with my words, thoughts and deeds. I will focus on the good that is in the world. I will search for it, revel in it and share joy and gratitude so that it can multiply.  

I don’t believe the world or the Universe for that matter believes in scarcity, I think that is something we have all been lead to believe. And when words aren’t enough there is an incessant, unrelenting, stoking of the flames, a drumbeat of war to continue the narrative of despair, division and hate. I do will not dance to that beat. There is enough in this world for everyone to succeed without someone having to lose or be destroyed. 

I don’t hate anyone or wish ill upon any of my fellow Americans or my fellow Global Citizens. I want us all to succeed and prosper and to find a place where our dreams can be nourished and realized. With Liberty and Justice for All!

May this season be filled with prayer, love, justice, abundance, and peace. Oh and beauty….lots of beautiful images to lift all of our spirits this Holiday Season!

Long Lake

Long Lake

image image image


Fleeting Summer…

        I scarcely had time to catch my breath and summer was over. July seems like eons ago and August flew by in a swirl of dust and tumbleweeds. It seems like summer finally began after the 4th of July looming endless and immense. As quickly as it began, it felt as if it was abruptly and most certainly over. 

     Still in all it was a memorable summer. A summer of transitions for me and my boys. While we strived to maintain status quo our lives were shifting and irrevocably changing and thus a whole new chapter was ushered in. Ready or not.

     My sons are entering High School and Jr. High respectively.  The challenges and excitement of growing up outweighs any trepidation they may feel as they begin anew. Without a backward glance they sprang from the easy, lazy days of summer to the hectic, hustle and bustle of school life with glee and anticipation. 

     Suddenly the notion of them racing towards the future, college beckoning on the horizon and I want to freeze the clocks and slow down for a second. Press the pause button. Hold on to this moment, this summer, this autumn and grab all the time with them that I can. Time that had once seemed infinite…is now brushing past me, hurriedly and with great haste. I am left grasping moments to hold to my heart as they begin to pull away and fly.

     It is as it should be and I am grateful that this summer I recognized that I needed to stop and store up my memories like squirrels gathering nuts for the winter. So rather than focusing on what I “should be” doing, I focused on soaking up every nanosecond of time with my boys that I could. I watched, listened and absorbed everything they said and did, memorializing our summer of 2016. 

     While changes comes to all of us whether we are ready or not they are not always unwelcome. They may be different and all too many times necessary but focusing on the good that lies ahead reminds me that transitions are opportunities to find a whole new unexpected path. Like shaking up a snow globe and watching everything slowly settle, differently and in a whole new way. Whether we like it or not, change is inevitable. I’m learning to be okay with that. Now about that time machine…!!!





Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood is a tricky taskmaster! How can 2 little boys evoke so many emotions in one timeless, sometimes endless moment?!

My heart has increased in capacity a trillion-fold and at times so has my exasperation. I mean how many times can you say, “did you brush your teeth?” No really, with an actual toothbrush And toothpaste And water?”

You’ve discovered you’ve raised litigators far better than any seasoned attorneys on tv and in real life. How else could you end up in a never-ending, circuitous and mind numbing discussion about what I actually meant when I said cleanup your room, are you ready for bed, did you pack completely for the game, or my favorite, are you all set for school? 

Cue, the eye roll and the exhaustive sigh…why must they have to go through all of this when all they want to do is….well anything else but listen to me nag? I mean sure heading out to the game with your cleats nestled snugly by the front door so you wouldn’t forget them, but you did. Or dashing out the door with the infamous, “I got it Mom you don’t have to remind me.” Now cue my eye roll.

It is the paradox of motherhood that just when I’ve had enough and have struggled to overcome my overwhelming need to hurl myself shrieking and cursing off the deck, these incredible, loving, funny, compassionate boys curl up next to me, rest they’re heads on my shoulder and whisper “I love you to the moon and back Mommy,” and all is momentarily forgotten. The slate is clean and fresh and my heart soars and swells with unconditional, unceasing, and unrelenting joy. I am humbled and awed by the amount of love I feel for these two extraordinary children that God has knowingly placed in my everlasting care. 

I am blessed to be their mother and every breath I take ends in a silent prayer that they be healthy, happy and know they are loved. I have done my very best in being their Mother and though there are days I knock it out of the park, there are other days I pray my children forgive me for missing the highest mark. 

To my incredible mother, thank you for showing me how to travel this journey we call life and for being a remarkable example of grace, resilience, determination, growth, forgiveness, joy, sorrow and love. Happy Mother’s Day.

Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

Happy New Beginnings! New Chapters!

Although this winter wasn’t as snow laden as last year, the joy of Spring has entered New England like a mist. Slowly blanketing the earth with blades of emerald grass, and wild shoots of crocuses testing the air for reemergence. There is a collective exhalation, another winter survival story for the history books. 

Tree Seasons…