Finding My Way!

Hello and Welcome to artistspromenade where each month I will be showcasing different artists and discuss their creative process for creating art, selling art, marketing art, or just doing art as a hobby. It’s scary to share your art with other people and I hope to encourage the artist in all of us to take a chance and create whatever art appeals to you even if you choose not to share it, at first.

I will be asking the question who defines what an artist is or is not? I’ve often heard artists say that working on their art was like being swept away unaware of time, sound, family, or eating. I know athletes describe this same feeling when they are playing a sport or in a game, as being “in the zone.” Are not the processes the same even if the outcome, the artistry is very different?  When watching a challenging nail-biting sports event doesn’t it seem like poetry in motion when you watch the athletes move and soar, testing and pushing themselves to incredible limits as the audience watches in awe and cheers?

This got me to thinking about artistry and my limited view of what art really is and who has “the gift.” Were we all artists in our own lives, albeit with different mediums and tools? Is not a great teacher who inspires their students creating art? Watching someone do something they truly love and truly believe in is like watching art being created everyday by everyday people.

Most people would say, “I’m not an artist, artist.” I just love carpentry, or personal training, or photography, or rock climbing, or poetry, singing, crafting, sailing, and all types of different life choices, but I suspect it’s because in the doing of these tasks, they are in a creative space or in “the zone.”

Each month I intend to introduce an artist who has been working in the zone, creating and honing their particular gift and sharing that gift with each of you. It will be a wonderful journey and I can’t wait to get started.

Please bear with me as I get my bearings with the new blog and its languages but come along and watch the artists promenade!

All the best,

Nikki G