Italian Adventure…

Arrival in Venice 3/19/13
Arrival in Venice

I’m home from my Incredible Adventure to Italy with my friend Beth of simplysoapsmv. and I can hardly describe the beauty and the culture that we were immersed in for ten days. Words have flown through my brain faster than the speed of light and yet I can hardly grasp any of them as other words pushes its way through and I am lost trying to absorb the fantastic feast for the eyes, the spirit, the  taste buds, that is Italy.

I took 635 pictures, no I am not going to subject everyone to an endless loop of every adventure Beth and I found amusing, hilarious, spell-binding and soulful, however, I would like to share some of the photos with you.  I found myself wanting to take pictures constantly, but I quickly realized it forced me to observe the  beauty vista  from a more practical or photographic frame of mind, and that pulled me away from experiencing the moment right in front of me. It was a constant mental tug of war, to try to take in a whole other way of living in another culture and trying to record it for posterity.

So while I go in search of the elusive words that float and flutter endlessly through my mind, I will share some of the photos I did take along the way. I am so grateful to have these tangible reminders of an intangible, incomprehensible, magical Adventure of my lifetime.

And to my friend Beth, yes we are still friends even after 10 days and nights together in a different country, I have no problem expressing my gratitude to you and Dan for making this trip possible for me. We dreamt of going to Italy a year ago almost to the day, and like magic, (Fairy Godfather, Dan), we were off for the journey of a lifetime,  Thank you for Everything.

Special thanks to my husband, sons, my mom, and mother-in-law took over helping me out at home so that I could embark on what has been a life changing event, and I came home knowing that all my true blessings are right here, right where I belong, at home. This does not mean that I won’t be off to another Adventure soon, it just means, Home really is the most magical place on earth.


canal in Venice
canal in Venice

An Italian Adventure..

Hello Friends,

Today I am off to fulfill one of my Bucket List dreams to go to Italy. Yes, although there are ten inches of snow on the ground here at home, I am bound for adventure and the joy of knowing that if you dream Big, wonderful things can happen.

Going to Italy has been on my bucket list for a long time and thankfully it has been on my friend Beth’s mind too. It was last year, exactly, that we spent mulling around the  glimmer of an idea to go to Italy. We laughed over coffee, dreaming that some day we would be sitting at a cafe’ and sipping cappuccino and watching the Italian life pass on by, soaking up everything glorious about stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing a culture and country outside of our own..

So I will take tons of pictures and I can’t wait to share them with all of you. And the person you see grinning in each photo, yup, that will be me, glowing because when you wish upon a star…..Ciao!!

PS. Happy Spring!