Thank You Veterans

To All who have worn the Uniform, to their courage and sacrifice,

to their strength and service, we will never forget.

To All of our heroes who have served and continue to serve today—

Thank You!


Thank You.
Thank You.

Yes to 2014…

Following Yes!
Following Yes!

Well, the children have returned to school, finally, after their Christmas/New Year break. The first thing I did, and I felt slightly guilty and extremely decadent, I got a cup of coffee, snuggled down into my bed and read a whole book, cover to cover. I didn’t have one interruption and the silence was heavenly. It was a great start to 2014.

I had an amazingly creative and inspiring year and I needed a few days alone to process all the amazing things that happened to me in 2013. I should begin by saying that my motto for 2013, was to say Yes, to new experiences and opportunities where and when they appeared. If a door opened, even if I wasn’t exactly sure where it would lead, I said, Yes. I began to have faith in my intuition and artistic instincts and each step of the way, someone offered me advice and support to help me grow further.

Creatively, in 2013, I started selling my photo cards, after some prodding, at my friend Beth’s Store, ( Beth has been a huge source of support for me as she endlessly encourages me to believe in myself as an artist, so I said Yes. She is also an amazing Artist, business woman, and best friend, saying Yes to her was easy.

A few months later, at my local gym, the owner Holly, asked I could help her fill up a blank wall in the gym with my photographs? Um, Yes! Then, Holly suggested that I put prices on them and see if people would buy them, so I said, yup you got it, Yes. I arrived the next day to hang six framed photographs and before my class was over, I had sold them all. I couldn’t believe it. I would repeat this process three more times and each time the photographs sold out. I was delighted, terrified, and a totally flabbergasted, but so thankful that I said Yes. I am so grateful  that Holly gave me this wonderful chance to display and sell my work.

A few months ago, Beth began offering different Artists the chance to have an art show at her store during the Holiday season. I was hesitant, probably fearful is a better word but I said Yes. I was able to sell my photographs and cards and my confidence continued to blossom. I have attended many art shows but have never been the subject of one and I learned more than I can say from that one experience. Yes! Thanks Beth.

As if my cup hadn’t already runneth over, I received the opportunity of a lifetime, going to Italy with Beth. She called last February and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Venice, Florence, and Rome for 10 days? I didn’t just say Yes, I shouted, YES, YES!! The trip changed me as a person and raised my artistic perceptions to levels I haven’t even  processed completely. I was awestruck, inspired, and  astounded by the beauty and the culture of Italy,. The country, the people, the food, the wine, and the art work, sublime, a totally out-of-body experience. Everywhere I went I snapped pictures on the move, clicking away on my camera like a maniac. I was spinning and whirling, pausing and shooting at a breakneck pace. I stopped so many times to take  pictures, Beth was afraid she would lose me somewhere in Rome just turning in circles cackling with delight. I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of buildings, canals, churches, bridges, mountains, cathedrals, museums, art, architecture, Pope Francis, and food, lots and lots of pictures of food.

What I learned from 2013 is that my dreams can be bigger and more limitless than I could imagine. If I can let go of my need to orchestrate my life and follow the breadcrumbs to where I supposed to go, my destiny unfolds in technicolor and with great clarity. Besides battling upstream is so much harder than traveling with the current. I found that I could put my energies to better use and push myself to grow, develop and to create in ways I have not yet explored or as yet discovered. 

The people I have met on WordPress were among the first people who gave me the confidence to believe in myself when I finally summoned the courage to post my art. Each blogger has opened themselves up and shared their talents with me and others, and for that I am eternally grateful. Just seeing all the amazing work that creative people are contributing all over the world, humbles me. With just a click of a button, the blogging community embraces other Artists who have the courage and can bear the vulnerability and fear necessary, to reach out and claim their dreams.  To say that I have been influenced, inspired and amazed by these fellow Artists, is an understatement. Thank you hardly seems enough but I am grateful for your contributions and for your kind support.

For 2014, my aim is to continue to grow as an Artist and as a person. I will move with purpose and faith to further propel myself beyond my own perceived boundaries,expectations, and self imposed limits . I will continue saying Yes to new opportunities as they appear in my life. I will continue to value the experiences and the people who have helped shape the Artist that I am today and the Artist I hope to be one day. Once I stepped away from fear and the negative nay-sayers, I found a community of fellow Artists who have encouraged, supported and inspired me every step of my journey. Here’s hoping 2014 exceeds all of our wildest expectations.

Thank You All.

Summer Daze…

I wanted to take a few minutes and catch everyone up on this summer and my new website, Art Strong Photography. So much is going on and the summer is zooming by so fast, partly because the boys didn’t get out of school until the last week in June and partly because we have so many activities, games and camps to attend. It feels like we are on the move constantly, trapped in a vortex of hurtling objects, and endless tasks. Laughing, talking, swimming, visiting, driving, etc. you get the idea…motion, mobility, transportation, the usual summer activities that provide the backdrop for our lives.

I am still working on the Art Strong Website, though I have come to the conclusion, I need to slow down a bit and focus. I thought that I could pull everything together and still continue to do all the other things that I normally do,( see list above). Who was I kidding? I’ve decided to slow down, to warp speed, and build the website that I can be proud of and that reflects my own creative spirit.

To that end, I am rebuilding and re-dedicating myself to Art Strong Photography and to the joy that I first embraced when I started Artists Promenade. I have been so happy to write and share my photos with all of my online friends and I will continue doing that even as I work on Art Strong and Artists Promenade too.

I realized, again, that I needed to take the time to refill my tank and enjoy the moments as they are whizzing by. It is the only way I will have the energy, courage and fortitude to embrace my dreams and still make time for the life I am building and dreaming about today.

Writing to all of you is the first step and I appreciate your patience and kindness while I take a breather, and take some time to smell the roses and take some pictures. A week, maybe two and I think I will be bursting with enthusiasm and artistic zeal!

As soon as the website is up and running and all the cylinders and gears are churning the way I envision, I will happily announce it here first. As usual everyone here has been an amazing support and a constant voice of encouragement for me and I thank you for that, truly.

Now as my sons stare at me on a perfectly wonderful summer day, we are off to the beach for some sun and fun. Talk to you all soon.

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To All Who Serve…

To All the brave soldiers here and above, Thank You for your Service.

When an American says that he loves his country, he means not only that he loves the New England hills, the prairies glistening in the sun, the wide and rising plains, the great mountains, and the sea.

He means that he loves an inner air, an inner light in which freedom lives and in which a man can draw the breath of self-respect.  ~Adlai Stevenson


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goodness in nature..


“You do not become good by trying to be good but by finding the goodness that is already within you and allowing that to emerge.” E. Tolle