Italian Adventure…

Arrival in Venice 3/19/13
Arrival in Venice

I’m home from my Incredible Adventure to Italy with my friend Beth of simplysoapsmv. and I can hardly describe the beauty and the culture that we were immersed in for ten days. Words have flown through my brain faster than the speed of light and yet I can hardly grasp any of them as other words pushes its way through and I am lost trying to absorb the fantastic feast for the eyes, the spirit, the  taste buds, that is Italy.

I took 635 pictures, no I am not going to subject everyone to an endless loop of every adventure Beth and I found amusing, hilarious, spell-binding and soulful, however, I would like to share some of the photos with you.  I found myself wanting to take pictures constantly, but I quickly realized it forced me to observe the  beauty vista  from a more practical or photographic frame of mind, and that pulled me away from experiencing the moment right in front of me. It was a constant mental tug of war, to try to take in a whole other way of living in another culture and trying to record it for posterity.

So while I go in search of the elusive words that float and flutter endlessly through my mind, I will share some of the photos I did take along the way. I am so grateful to have these tangible reminders of an intangible, incomprehensible, magical Adventure of my lifetime.

And to my friend Beth, yes we are still friends even after 10 days and nights together in a different country, I have no problem expressing my gratitude to you and Dan for making this trip possible for me. We dreamt of going to Italy a year ago almost to the day, and like magic, (Fairy Godfather, Dan), we were off for the journey of a lifetime,  Thank you for Everything.

Special thanks to my husband, sons, my mom, and mother-in-law took over helping me out at home so that I could embark on what has been a life changing event, and I came home knowing that all my true blessings are right here, right where I belong, at home. This does not mean that I won’t be off to another Adventure soon, it just means, Home really is the most magical place on earth.


canal in Venice
canal in Venice

a new story….

It is inspiring to think that we can create a new life for ourselves, simply by changing our thoughts, beliefs, and expectations. Some say we have 60,000-100,00 thoughts a day and the good news is that we get to choose what type of thoughts we have, positive or negative. If our current lives are a manifestation of our thoughts and beliefs, and we wish for a different more authentic and creative life, then it is up to us to write a new script.

What I love about what Beth has accomplished with simply soaps is that she wrote a new story for herself, for her life, and she took a leap of faith and let her ingenuity and creativity narrate this chapter of her life. She has the willingness and the tenacity to do whatever it takes to stoke the spark of creativity within that allows her to envision a new unforseen path.

We all know that it is not about the destination, entirely, but about the journey, and life refuses to stay within the lines and travel predictably in one direction. As we get older and hopefully wiser, we become more adept and nimble at getting over these hurdles and obstacles without being defined or defeated by them.

It is exciting to know that our stories have yet to be written, and that we can decisively and swiftly alter our life’s direction, adjust our creative sails and invent a new story that speaks to who we are now and allows us to sail off to a sunset of our own making.  

Our stories, our unique masterpieces, these productions we call life, can not be told by anyone else but us. We are the directors and the producers, and for all of us here and now; life is a stage, who’s telling your story?

  Chapter 27                                                                                                                              

Simply Soaps a Vineyard  

           Bath Collection



Chapter 28



simply samplers..

Two more delectable creations from my friend Beth of The simply soap sampler is a fantastic way to pamper yourself with luxurious scents and soaps, however, I should caution that it is difficult to use them because they are so beautiful to look at, display and give as gifts.

The Margarita Scrub is sublime, you are sloughing away dry skin while soaking up the intoxicating aroma of a tropical island, it’s a great way to pamper yourself without breaking the bank.

Once again Beth incorporates all natural ingredients and emollients to create a balm and refuge from everyday grit and grim. Toiling away, Beth seeks to create the best soaps available, soaps she can be proud of, and as her friend (and a happy tester of her soaps), I would say she is well on her way to mastering the world of soaps and bath products far and wide.

Simply Soaps A Vineyard Bath Collection…

I just came back from my friend Beth’s Grand Opening of her soap and bath products store, Simply Soaps, A Vineyard Bath Collection on Martha’s Vineyard and I am in awe of my friend’s hardwork, creative vision and boundless energy.

On March 30 Beth opened her store to the public and cast her fate to the wind, she had been making soaps and other tantalizing bath products from her home and lugging them to craft fair after craft fair marketing and selling her heart out. Now she is launching herself   in a new forum, a place she had a vision about from the start, the opening of her very own store, Simply Soaps, A Vineyard Bath Collection.

I love soaps, lotions, candles, bath salts, etc., and I enjoy sampling them in national chains and in malls everywhere. So when Beth first introduced me to her Simply Soaps, I felt that I had experience trying lots of products and so I was excited to see how Simply Soaps compared. I started with her lotion Vineyard Mistletoe and promptly fell in love with it’s scent of evergreen and holly, and the texture was creamy and light, a balm for my dry skin, I was hooked. Next I tried Cape Pogue Peppermint Bath Gel and it was beyond invigorating and smelled exactly like a candy cane, then my family tried Island Guy Bath Gel and the fresh clean scent was loved by the boys too, although their enthusiasm was not equal to mine. Then there’s Gay Head Ginger Lime Lotion, and Edgartown Lilac Lotion, which allows me to the unique smell of Lilacs year round, and each smells better than the next and the delightful tongue in cheek naming of her bath products; using locations and landmarks from her beloved Martha’s Vineyard is clever marketing indeed.

I am in awe of the spectrum of Beth’s creativity and passion and I revel in her quest to bring soaps and bath products to the marketplace that are parabin free and have all natural ingredients, ingredients I might add, that you can actually prononce. The soaps, and other products are tantalizing to your nose and a delight to your senses, and are priced so that they are affordable as well.

There is more here and Beth is just getting started, so I will be discussing some of her techniques for making her bath products, how she created her business plan, how she makes her candles with cotton wicks and why that’s important, what she plans to do next and of course following the progress of her new store, Simply Soaps A Vineyard Bath Collection on Martha’s Vineyard and at

I will also continue to volunteer to test  every product in her bath collection both in the store and any new creations she has yet to debut, after all, it’s for research….right?